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Sound Workshops

The Sound Workshops are designed to give everyone an opportunity to explore and play music together.

They take the form of either several sessions or a single workshop, and are designed for adults and children, participating as a family or individually. Early childhood specialists, musicologists and professional musicians lead the workshops with tremendous enthusiasm in a room specially set up for these activities. A dedicated stock of instruments is made available to the workshop participants so that everyone can enjoy a new and unique experience.


The youngest children are introduced to music through a sensory approach that alternates handling sound objects, discovering sounds, listening to nursery rhymes and musical games, while the collective music making is reserved for the older children.
> Workshops for children and teens 2021/2022


Families get together on the weekend for an introduction to collective music making.
> Family workshops 2021/2022


For adults interested in taking a musical break, no prior musical training is necessary: they just have to be curious!
The Auditorium-Orchestre national de Lyon runs lunchtime sessions in playing an instrument or singing in a group, designed simply to have fun or to discover their hidden talents.
In the early evening, question time: two formats to discuss and answer all of the questions asked by beginners and participants with some experience, in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.
> Adult workshops 2021/2022


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