En raison du contexte sanitaire actuel, nous sommes contraints de prolonger la fermeture de l’Auditorium jusqu'au 25 mai 2021. Cliquez ici pour plus d’informations

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5 concerts from € 129
Travel throughout the season with programmes conducted by Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider.

1. Berlioz / Schumann > Sat. 26 Sep. 2020
For his first season in Lyon, Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider takes up the challenge of performing all four Schumann symphonies. He begins with the most personal one, No. 2, and adds another symphony written in an intimate, introspective style : Harold in Italy.

2. Saint-Saëns / Ravel > Thu. 26 Nov. or Sat. 28 Nov. 2020
26-year-old Edgar Moreau, with a string of prizes and awards to his name, has become a firm favourite with audiences without sacrificing anything of his moving tone quality or demanding artistic standards. He is part of a programme combining famous and lesser-known pieces of French music.

3. Mahler Symphonie n°3 > Thu. 21 Jan. or Sat. 23 Jan. 2021
« There’s no need to look at the landscape, it is all in my symphony » : the birth of the world, the rocks, the flowers and the carefree animals, the child, man and the angels: Mahler’s third symphony is a joyful celebration of life.

4. Sleeping Beauty > Sat. 27 Feb. or Tue. 20 Apr. 2021
Everyday music, simply happy and beautiful: this is what Jean Cocteau wanted and what Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider and the Jussen brothers bring us here. 

5. The Flying Dutchman > Thu. 11 June or Sun. 13 June 2021
With his fourth opera, The Flying Dutchman, Wagner leaves behind the legacy of Spohr and Weber to map out his own path, giving the orchestra an essential role.

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Priority booking and preferential seating : get the best seats by booking early (until general ticket sales open on 30 June 2020).

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If you hold reduction coupons as part of your 2019/2020 subscription package and have not been able to use them following the cancellation of the end of the season, please note that the coupons will now remain valid until 30 June 2021.

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